Catalog numberProduct namePriceSize 
CG-3059-03Support Jack, Stainless Steel, 7.9" x 7.9" S.S. Deck, 10.8" Max Height, 44lbs Max Load496 €1Unit View
CG-3059-04Support Jack, Stainless Steel, 9.4" x 9.4" S.S. Deck, 10.8" Max Height, 44lbs Max Load518 €1Unit View
CG-3057-12Support Ring with Clamp, Large, 85mm ID, 200mm OAL274 €5XUnit View
CG-3057-11Support Ring with Clamp, Medium, 64mm ID, 180mm OAL264 €5XUnit View
CG-3057-10Support Ring with Clamp, Small, 44mm ID, 180mm OAL259 €5XUnit View
CG-1948-L-12Support Ring, Large, 85mm ID, 190mm Support Rod Length263 €25XUnit View
CG-1948-L-11Support Ring, Medium, 64mm ID, 190mm Support Rod Length255 €25XUnit View
CG-1948-02Support Ring, Reaction Kettle, PTFE Coated Stainless Steel, 100mm ID, 44mm Slot Opening276 €2XUnit View
CG-1948-03Support Ring, Reaction Kettle, PTFE Coated Stainless Steel, 127mm ID, 79mm Slot Opening285 €2XUnit View
CG-1948-01Support Ring, Reaction Kettle, PTFE Coated Stainless Steel, 76mm ID, 38mm Slot Opening274 €2XUnit View
CG-1948-L-10Support Ring, Small, 52mm ID, 190mm Support Rod Length263 €30XUnit View
CG-8933-03Support Rod300 €3XUnit View
CG-3498-03Support Rod, 1/2" O.D., Bent 90°273 €2XUnit View
CG-8961-01Support Rod, 5/16" Diameter X 12" Long265 €3XUnit View
CG-8961-03Support Rod, 7/16" Diameter X 24" Long257 €2XUnit View
CG-3047-100Support, 3-Leg Tripod, 230mm OAH261 €4XUnit View
CG-3049-30Support, Flask, Tripod, Large, 6" Ring ID X 11.5" Height, PTFE Coated362 €1Unit View
CG-3049-20Support, Flask, Tripod, Small, 4" Ring ID X 9.5" Height, PTFE Coated349 €1Unit View
CG-3058-200Support, Solid Tripod, 100mm Leg Length250 €5XUnit View
CG-3058-205Support, Solid Tripod, 150mm Leg Length273 €4XUnit View
CG-2038-50Support, Stirrer Support, Laboratory mixer Support Rod and Base416 €1Unit View
CG-1949-X-33Triple Lower Reactor Support for Triple Stand, 2 and 5L Vessel Capacity, PTFE Coated318 €1Unit View
CG-3051-02Tubes, Support, Length 12", SS258 €10XUnit View
CG-3051-03Tubes, Support, Length 18", SS297 €10XUnit View
CG-3051-04Tubes, Support, Length 24", SS308 €8XUnit View
CG-3051-05Tubes, Support, Length 36", SS265 €4XUnit View
CG-3051-06Tubes, Support, Length 48", SS267 €3XUnit View
CG-3051-01Tubes, Support, Length 6", SS279 €15XUnit View
CG-3051-07Tubes, Support, Length 60", SS289 €3XUnit View
CG-3051-08Tubes, Support, Length 72", SS267 €2XUnit View
CG-3051-09Tubes, Support, Length 96", SS300 €2XUnit View
CG-1995-V-22Vertical Support Rod265 €3XUnit View